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Espero Word offers general and specialist proofreading services from spelling, grammar and typographical errors to professional proofreading for document layout and consistency. Specialising Academic and Scientific documents.
proofreading for general spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, document layout and consistency, Phd, academic and scientific writing



The last vital step for a high-quality publication

There is nothing more distracting to the reader than errors in spelling, punctuation and inconsistencies in a document. A document that is well set out, consistent in style and free from typographical errors gives the reader confidence in the author and the work. Despite checking and re-checking a document, a new pair of eyes is always useful and may find errors that the author was not able to see due to overfamiliarity with the text.

In addition to looking for errors in spelling and ‘typos’, the proofreading process involves checking the layout of a page for inconsistencies in heading styles and usage (e.g. level 1 and 2 headings), positions of illustrations, captions, referencing (in text and bibliography), tables of contents, numbers and symbols, and general language consistency. Proofreading is usually the last step in producing a document.